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photo competition at JBGG 2

Airsoft Photo Competition

In this time of lockdown due to the Coronavirus, we have come up with something you can do at home with your BB guns and airsoft guns, indoors or outside in your own space (where safe). We th...
stay at home fun airsoft pistols

Keep Entertained at Home

Fun airsoft guns to keep you occupied during the coronavirus lockdown. While you're stuck inside during the coronavirus quarantine and need some fun activities for yourself and perhaps your b...
airsoft weapons

What Are Airsoft Weapons?

Airsoft guns are weapons created for leisure purposes including general target practice and skirmishing. Players choose guns that have either air or spring power and they use pellets as bulle...

February 2020

basic safety gide for airsoft

Basic Safety Guide For Airsoft

The popularity of airsoft guns has rocketed in recent times, and it's easy to see why. Airsoft guns and bb guns provide heaps of entertainment, whether you're target shooting or taking part in an orga...

January 2020

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