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Just BB Guns UK offers the largest online selection of BB Guns, with easy shopping and free home delivery. For the best BB Gun brands and low prices, you are at the right place. Just BB Guns, or JBBG as some people call us, is a longstanding UKARA-registered retailer of BB Guns and Airsoft Guns. Offering one the largest selection of BB Guns and Accessories online and in-store. The Just BB Guns collection of authentic replica Airsoft Rifles and Airsoft Pistols. Just BB Guns offers quality products to airsoft enthusiasts of all levels, serving the needs of thousands of visitors daily.


Welcome to the premier destination for all things BB guns. Dive into our extensive collection curated to meet every enthusiast’s needs. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your journey into the world of airsoft, we’re here to equip you with top-quality gear and expert advice. Explore our range of BB guns, accessories, and more, crafted to elevate your shooting experience to new heights. Join our community of passionate shooters, and let’s embark on this adventure together.


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If you’re looking for BB Guns for sale, look no further! Here, we stock the largest selection of Airsoft Guns and Airsoft Accessories in the UK. Our product range is growing weekly, and we are now the largest online retailer. Unlike other airsoft retailers, we do not charge for two-tone painting. If you do not have a defence for a black, tan, silver or gold gun, please choose a two-tone colour for the gun you wish to buy. Whatever your requirements, whether it’s for a hobby, sport, target shooting, or skirmishing, we have BB Guns for sale. All stock on this website is found in our UK shop and warehouse. If you need help or don’t see what you are looking for, call us at 0330 900 5224 – we are happy to help.  

BB Guns
BB Guns


BB Guns or Airsoft Guns today are more popular than ever, and to meet demand, there is also the largest amount of products available. At Just BB Guns, we offer every kind of BB Gun on the market to offer our customers the very best choice. When we talk about BB Guns for beginners, we are talking about Spring Airsoft Guns or low-cost AEGs. These are great for beginners as you dont need any Gas or Co2. If you are starting out in Airsoft, we also recommend that you take a look at our Bundle Offers, as there is money to be saved when buying one of our customer bundle sets. To keep our customers happy and fulfilled, we work hard to deliver the latest Airsoft Accessories. You can see our New Products page on this website from a link in the top menu.

BB Guns
BB Guns


If you are new to BB Guns, then we hope that the following information will help you understand our hobby. First, let’s understand the difference between BB Guns and Airsoft Guns; this one is easy – there is no difference. Both terms describe a gun that fires 6mm plastic BB pellets and is used for skirmishing or target shooting. Now, let’s look at the different types of BB Guns (Airsoft Guns) on offer, consisting of Spring Airsoft Rifles and Electric Airsoft RiflesAirsoft Spring Pistols, Airsoft Gas Pistols, Airsoft CO2 Pistols, Airsoft Sniper Rifles, Airsoft Shotguns, Support Guns and so many more.


Spring-powered BB guns are a type of airsoft gun that uses a manually compressed spring to propel plastic BBs. These guns are typically single-shot, requiring the user to manually cock the spring each time they want to fire a BB. When the spring is compressed and released, it drives a piston forward, which in turn propels the BB out of the barrel. Spring-powered BB Guns or Airsoft Guns are often considered beginner-friendly due to their simplicity and reliability. They don’t require batteries or gas to operate, making them cost-effective and low maintenance. However, they generally have a lower rate of fire compared to electric or gas-powered guns.


Electric BB Guns or Airsoft Guns, often referred to as AEG (Automatic Electric Gun), is a type of BB Gun powered by an electric motor and typically uses a rechargeable battery to function. AEGs are popular among airsoft players due to their semi-automatic or fully automatic firing capabilities, high rate of fire, and consistent performance. Inside an AEG, there’s an electric motor that drives a gearbox containing gears and a piston assembly. When the trigger is pulled, it completes an electrical circuit, causing the motor to turn. The motor then rotates the gears, which in turn compresses a spring and propels the piston forward. The piston’s movement creates air compression, which propels the BB out of the barrel. AEGs offer versatility, as many models allow for customization and upgrades to enhance performance. They come in various styles, from rifles to submachine guns to support weapons, catering to different play styles and preferences. Additionally, AEGs often have high-capacity magazines, allowing for extended periods of play without the need for frequent reloading.


Gas or CO2 BB Guns or Airsoft guns are a type of BB Gun powered by compressed gas, typically either propane, green gas, or CO2 (carbon dioxide). These guns use compressed gas to propel plastic BBs. There are two main types of gas-powered guns: Gas Blowback (GBB) Guns and Non-blowback Guns; both types of gas-powered BB Guns offer advantages such as consistent performance in various temperatures and environments. However, they do require a supply of gas cartridges or gas cans for operation, which can add to the ongoing cost of using these guns. Additionally, gas-powered Airsoft Guns may experience performance variations based on factors such as temperature and gas pressure, so for cold conditions, we recommend Co2-powered guns.

BB Guns
BB Guns
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There are numerous Airsoft Brands that manufacture BB guns, each with its own reputation for quality, innovation, and performance.


BB Guns (Airsoft Guns) in the UK have various uses, including target shooting, skirmishing and recreational shooting. They are commonly used for skirmishing at events or just for fun with friends and plinking. The cost of a BB Gun in the UK depends on the type, brand, and features. Entry-level air rifles can start at around £50, and high-end models can cost over £120. Please note that in the UK, BB Guns are not considered suitable for self-defence or pest control. The law strictly regulates the use of firearms for self-defence purposes, and BB Guns are primarily designed for recreational and sporting activities. Using a BB Gun for self-defence can lead to legal consequences. You are permitted to shoot on your own land. You can also gain permission to shoot on other people’s land, but this has to be confirmed with the landowner. You are not allowed to shoot on any public property. There are now many shooting clubs and Airsoft Skirmish Sites in the UK where you can shoot, regardless of ability.

BB Guns
BB Guns