Gun Cases & Bags

You’ve made a significant investment in your airsoft shooter so it’s important you take good care of your tools. Doing so will make sure all your extra kit, like magazines, ammo, and scopes are well organised and you’re always prepared. These cases are designed specifically to protect your weapon from any damage it could incur while in transit. At Just BB guns we have a wide selection of hard and soft cases for your pistols and rifles. They come predominantly in dark or camo colours. We have the swiss army rifle bag in black and true to its name has a pocket for every eventuality. There’s also the quirky Q213 guitar style gig bag to make you look like the mafia hitman you’ve always aspired to. If you need something a bit more robust we have the AC52 and the AC34 aluminium rifle cases, keeping your favourite toy safe from harm when you’re not out shooting. Pick up one of our excellent range of pistol and rifle cases and ensure your kit is ready to go for your next skirmish today!