Enhance your Airsoft Guns and shooting with the essential addition of a scope or set of sights. All our scopes and sights are made to the highest quality, with a wide range of materials and fittings to suit your aiming and weight requirements. Scopes allow for magnification over distance, giving you a telescopic view of your target and allowing you to fire effectively from much further away. Scopes are essential for improving your airsoft shooting, allowing you to improve your aim and adjust to mixed-distance shooting and target practice. Most scopes include a range of zoom options, meaning you can zero in on your target even as they change position. In the olden days, scopes were mainly for snipers, but in modern battle, it’s a poor soldier who can’t see further than the end of their nose. While scopes work over larger distances, sights are about giving you a precise way to aim your shots. Once fitted to BB Guns, sights will provide a pinpoint reticule calibrated to direct your fire at the exact point where it will be most effective. More than any other accessory, sights take your airsoft shooting to the next level. Most modern sights use dot targeting, though it is also possible to go low-tech for a more instinctive style of shooting.

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