Try out one of these nifty airsoft balaclavas alongside your favourite BB Guns for a bit of extra swagger on the battlefield. Go all-out SAS stealth mode with one of the wide selection of airsoft headgear we have on offer. We have plenty of styles and colours to choose from with lighter material models to a more hard-wearing balaclava for those who don’t mind the wind and the rain. The colours are predominantly army issue black and camouflage for a truly authentic battleground experience. The extra layer over your face can really make a big difference against any collateral damage from a well-aimed pellet or shell as well. Blend into the background with the super cool knitted camo 3 hole balaclava or if Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels is more your thing, we have the High Speed 3 hole ski mask to suit your needs as well. From the novelty skeleton mask to the multifunctional all-weather snood, there really is something for everyone. Take a look at Just BB Guns’ fantastic range of Airsoft Guns, accessories and apparel today!

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