Cylinders are a relatively modern addition to the Airsoft Guns market but are quickly becoming very popular with the modern airgunner. There are a few reasons why people are favouring cylinders over the other alternatives. Firstly they are very quick-acting, making your airsoft gun more efficient. Secondly, they are safe, especially if they are of high quality. We also find that cylinders are also easy to use. This is a big draw for airgunners, particularly with people who are new to BB Guns. However, many more established shooters also appreciate the ease the cylinders offer. The addition of a cylinder makes shooting more fun and allows you to focus on other areas of your technique. Whether you are a beginner or are looking to improve the functionality of your airsoft gun, then purchasing a cylinder is essential. No matter why you are looking to invest in a cylinder, we will be able to help you. We have a range of different cylinders for airsoft guns of different sizes and power in stock. Take a look at the required size of cylinder for your weapon and we’re sure we’ll stock one to match.

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