The SRC Viper Airsoft Pistols are a popular choice among airsoft enthusiasts because they combine performance, durability, and affordability. SRC is known for producing high-quality Airsoft Guns, and the Viper pistol is no exception. Here are some key features of the SRC Viper Airsoft Pistol: The Viper is typically constructed with a durable frame, making it easy to handle. The slide is full metal, providing a realistic feel and enhancing durability. The Viper operates on a Gas/CO2 blowback system, which adds realism to the shooting experience. When you fire the pistol, the slide moves back with each shot, simulating the recoil of a real firearm. With a velocity usually around 300-350 feet per second (fps), the Viper offers reliable performance on the airsoft field. It’s accurate at short to medium ranges, making it suitable for close-quarters combat situations. The Viper typically uses a Hi-Cap full metal magazine with a capacity of around 30+1 rounds. Some versions may offer extended magazine options for those who prefer more ammunition capacity. Like many Airsoft Pistols, the Viper is compatible with a wide range of aftermarket upgrades and accessories. This allows players to customize their pistol to suit their preferences and play style. Compared to some higher-end airsoft pistols, the SRC Viper is often considered quite affordable while still offering solid performance and durability. Overall, the SRC Viper is a reliable sidearm choice for both beginner and experienced airsoft players, offering a good balance of performance, durability, and affordability. If you have any questions about the folowing products plaese contact us.

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