If you’re looking to increase the range of your airsoft pellets, then airsoft hop up units are the best choice of accessory. By applying backspin to your projectile pellets, the air pressure of the top side is reduced, meaning the pellets can go further. We offer a great choice of hop up units, including a metal hop up chamber. Hop up accessories are essential for any modern Airsoft Guns as they ensure a better and more accurate trajectory for any pellets fired. Hop up units are also great for compensating for poor firing conditions such as the wrong BBs for the BB Guns in use, a fluctuating temperature, a recent change in gas, or poor rifle maintenance – all of which can impact your shot and lower the performance. Investing in great a quality hop up unit can get your airsoft game back on track, meaning every piece of ammunition hits the target and every target you nail hits the sweet spot.

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