Keep it chunky with these 0.20G BB pellets for your Airsoft Gun, available in a vast range of sizes, from 2000 shot containers to 25kg ammo boxes. These large but aerodynamic BB pellets are perfect for most airsoft BB guns with a hop-up system, as well as BB shotguns, single-shot air rifles, most good quality entry-level BB Guns and high end (AEG) electric rifles. As with all our BB pellets, our 0.20G pellets are calibrated with no ridges or imperfections and polished to a smooth fit, which means no wear or tear to your rifle. Choose now from a range of monochrome pellets, including products from the UK’s premier supplier of BB ammo, Bulldog, and others which are constantly curated with professional players and top-level weaponry in mind. Take the fight to the enemy with 0.20G pellets – with these in your magazine, they’ll KNOW you got them fair and square.

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