Keeping your airsoft guns safe and secure has never been easier! We offer a selection of durable pistol cases that are perfect for keeping your favourite airsoft guns in prime condition between skirmishes, or while transporting them. Our high-quality cases are all dustproof, waterproof as well as chemical, corrosion and UV resistant. Each case features a durable hard exterior and reinforced carry handles. Heavy-duty latches and the option to fit padlocks keep your airsoft pistol secure. Inside, the foam lining keeps your gun firmly in place. Here at Just BB Guns, we pride ourselves on being one of the UK’s leading airsoft retailers. We have a vast range of guns, parts, accessories and more. We’ve got something for everyone; whether it’s budget airsoft guns for beginners or high-end parts and attachments for seasoned pros. Make sure you stop by JBBG before your next skirmish for all of your airsoft needs.