Take a look at our airsoft pistol bag options to keep your airsoft pistols safe and secure during travel. One of the most important accessories to purchase alongside your airsoft pistol is something sturdy and protective to move it around in. You should avoid having your Airsoft Guns on full display outside of private spaces or a skirmish, even if you’re just travelling in a car! Fans of airsoft love our massive range of top-quality tactical pistol bags. At Just BB Guns, we offer a great selection of compact bags for BB Guns of all kinds. These come in many designs, camouflage patterns and colour options – including MultiCam and A-TACS patterns. We only offer pistol bags from only the best manufacturers around the world, so your gear will never let you down. Most airsoft pistol bags will also offer a large amount of extra storage space, typically as side pockets. These will allow you to store your most important pistol accessories and airsoft ammo safely.

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