Nothing says commando quite like a quality bayonet blade. Go full-on Sly Stallone “Rambo-style” with Just BB Guns’ excellent selection of bayonets for BB Guns. These are the perfect equaliser for any confrontation in close quarters. Protect yourself from ambush with one of these high-quality, safety-tested rubber bayonets. These blades are the perfect accessory for any of Just BB Guns’ M4 tactical Airsoft Guns. Consider adding one to your artillery to give you more versatility and a cutting edge on the field of battle. There are several advantages to the addition of an airsoft bayonet to your arsenal; conserve ammunition whilst still remaining a threat to your opponents, and take out opponents in stealth mode while keeping your rifle locked on the enemy. Gain the advantage in close quarters when your opponent doesn’t have time to draw their weapon, Check out Just BB Guns’ excellent selection of airsoft bayonets to complete your set today!

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