Airsoft Rifles

Types of airsoft rifles, airsoft rifles are an essential weapon and piece of kit for anyone at any stage of the airsoft careers. In full compliance with UK law, two-tone airsoft rifles are perfect for people looking to start competing seriously and are available for adults to buy without a license. Our huge selection of spring, gas and electric powered airsoft guns with fast delivery means you’re one step away from finding your new favourite battle companion.

ELECTRIC AIRSOFT RIFLES: Electric airsoft rifles or AEGs are the most common type of airsoft rifle. AEGs are battery powered and can usually be fired in semi or full auto mode. In most cases, AEGs will not come with a rechargeable battery or charger or BB pellets. A decent airsoft AEG rifle will usually fire at a velocity of 330 FPS using 0.20g BBs, this is to fit with the standard FPS of most airsoft skirmish sites in the UK. SPRING AIRSOFT RIFLES: Spring airsoft guns use a simple cock and shoot mechanism which is easy to operate. The user just pulls back the slide for spring airsoft pistols, or bolt action for rifles before each shot. Spring-powered guns are popular because they are relatively inexpensive and do not require batteries or gas to operate. AIRSOFT SNIPER RIFLES:Many of our airsoft sniper rifles have powerful springs that fire an outstanding FPS and are capable of shooting over a long distance. If you’re using a high-end spring sniper at a skirmish site your enemy will definitely know when they’ve been hit.