At Just BB Guns, there is a wide selection of batteries for your Airsoft Guns. Choose from leading brands including Nuprol and WE, to name just a few. LiPO batteries have made a huge impact in the Airsoft Industry. Not only are they compact and lightweight, but they also have a large capacity. They will drastically increase the performance of your Airsoft Guns. The reason is simple: lithium batteries can discharge at a much faster rate. They also allow you to increase the voltage to around 11.1V which will also increase the rate of fire. Unlike NiMH batteries, which come with a hard metal shell, LiPO batteries are encased in a more malleable polymer case. If you aren’t sure what battery type would suit your BB Guns the most, then just contact our friendly and experienced team. Alternatively, you can pop into our store and speak to someone face to face.

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