Our metal Airsoft Guns are expertly crafted, designed to provide maximum accuracy and reliability when you need it most. Airsoft enthusiasts will know that while plastic guns are a great entry point to the sport, metal guns are far superior for more advanced skirmishes. Metal guns are longer-lasting than plastic alternatives. While plastic guns are likely to break if dropped or used regularly over time, full metal airsoft guns are extremely durable and reliable in simulated combat situations. Everything from the slide, lower receiver and even trigger assembly are made out of metal, usually steel. Due to their increased resilience, metal bb guns require less servicing than typical, plastic BB guns. However, make sure you don’t neglect your firearm, as extended periods of misuse can ruin an otherwise trusty airsoft rifle or pistol. Polish regularly and dry off if used in wet conditions. Airsoft lovers are always looking for ways to make their skirmishes more realistic, whether it’s going to better airsoft venues, creating authentic loadouts or learning all of the codes and hand signals used by the armed forces in battle. The easiest way to get the most out of your skirmishes is to use realistic metal BB guns. The sensation of steel between your fingers will help you get in the mindset of a special operative on the field, ready to find your target and complete your mission. Plastic just won’t cut it in these situations, so investing in a metal BB gun will help give you the edge in combat. Our rifles and pistols come in a range of modes, from CO2 and electric to spring, with each one perfectly suiting the requirements of certain airsoft enthusiasts. For example, the metal CO2 BB guns are our most realistic firearms, giving you the blowback effect typically seen in real guns. Metal electric BB guns are just as powerful as their gas alternatives, but will not provide the same blowback sensation. However, the batteries are far easier to replace than filling up canisters on the battlefield, so you’ll be able to reload more quickly under fire. The metal spring airsoft guns are the cheapest out of the three, and although they are less powerful than the others they are a great entry point into the sport.

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