Take a look at the following Bulldog Blaster Ammo now at JBBG. The latest craze now in the USA and Australia is picking up speed here in the UK. Gel Blasters, also called splatter ball guns, are toy guns that shoot water-based gel beads similar to BB pellets. They are safer for children than Airsoft Guns. The Ammo is tiny plastic balls that first need to be soaked in water so that they expand to about 7.5 mm. Unlike any other BB guns on the market, Gel Blaster Ammo has a high percentage of water and disintegrates on impact. If you would like to know more about Gel Blaster Accessories, then take a look at the following page or contact us via the contact us page on this website. JBBG offers the very best and latest products from around the world. For more info, please see our blog.

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