Airsoft Masks & Face Protection. You only get one set of eyes, so you need to protect them at all times when playing airsoft or with Airsoft Guns. Airsoft face protection is crucial and many airsoft sites will not allow you to play unless your face is at least partially covered. Airsoft masks can also be great fun when just playing in the garden with friends. Get into character with the mask of your choice and fight it out to see who’s the best. Full Face Masks: We have a wide range of full face masks with mesh or Perspex visors. As the name suggests, full face masks give you complete protection from the neck up, making sure you’re protected at all times. No need to worry about a stray projectile from BB Guns – you’re all set. Choose from a selection of designs, from terrifying zombies to deadly predator masks. Your airsoft face protection can also be made to look like part of a loadout – just pick the right colour scheme. For example, if you’re going for a black ops loadout, all black masks look great with the right dark tactical gear. Half Face Masks: Our half-face masks may only give you half the protection, but they can be twice the fun. Our mesh and plastic half-face masks are just as terrifying as full face masks but can be paired with other accessories to complete your look. For example, why not pair your lower mesh mask skull with a pair of tactical sunglasses to strike fear in your enemies’ eyes? Browse through our range of airsoft face protection here at Just BB Guns and order today for fast delivery.

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