Become the silent warrior with our range of Airsoft Guns suppressors, and enhance your aim and performance with the right tracers for your airsoft rifle. We have suppressors and tracers for a wide range of rifles and wallets. Fitted to the appropriate weapon, a suppressor will massively reduce muzzle retort, quieting your shots and making it far harder to identify the source of fire. Be the ninja and outfox your enemies by staying hidden with a top-quality suppressor. Our suppressors are available in a range of materials and fittings, allowing you to control weight and recoil even as you become the silent killer. Move fast, stay silent, aim true, and your airsoft weapon will never let you down. Match your new silent approach with tracer bullets. Tracers use minor pyrokinetic charges in their base to indicate the path they take through the air. Not only does this add to the aesthetic of your BB Guns, but seeing the exact arc of fire is a great way to study and improve your aiming and shooting style. Do yourself a favour and achieve action movie shooting skills by investing in tracers now. Study how to shoot straighter and always hit your target.

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