Everyone has a different playing style when it comes to airsoft. Some people like to go in all guns blazing, but others prefer a stealthier strategy. If you favour the quiet but deadly approach, these pistols with silencer will suit you perfectly. Your opponents will never hear you coming with these silencer-equipped gas and CO2 powered Beretta M92 style replica pistols. Made by the world-renowned SRC company, these top of the range airsoft BB Guns are built to last and can be used with equal ease by both right and left-handers. All of our pistols with silencer come with full instructions, a 25 round magazine, and a cleaning/unblocking rod to keep them running smoothly. These weapons also feature hop-up technology, which applies backspin to the pellet as it leaves the gun, allowing it to travel further. These silenced Airsoft Guns are just the start. If you prefer the brash and noisy approach, we’ve got you covered as well with shotguns, miniguns and even grenade launchers. We’ve also got great deals on ammunition and every accessory you could possibly need. Our team have years of airsoft experience and are always happy to answer questions.

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