Give your Airsoft Gun unbreakable bite with Bulldog BB pellets, available in a huge range of sizes and amounts, from the 0.20g 2000 shot tub all the way up to the 25kg Box o’ Bulldogs. Aerodynamic and cost-effective, you’ll know when you’ve hit an opponent with a Bulldog, because you’ll hear the yelp! Bulldog pellet tubs are like guard dogs – get one, sit it where you want it, and never worry again, because your BB weapon will always be supplied with top quality ammo that can outrun any opponent. Bulldog is a British company and one of the biggest BB pellet suppliers in the UK, meaning you’re guaranteed top quality. These pellets are tried and tested with great BB Guns, so you’ll only ever receive the best – perfect spheres that fly like eagles, not misshapen lumps that back up your rifle.

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