When it comes to airsoft or Airsoft Gun shooting, every man brings two tools to the range – his BB Guns and himself. We care for the former in a lot of ways – adding sights to improve aim, applying oil to keep the weapon in working order, and fitting grips or stocks that enhance versatile shooting. By the same logic, you need to take care of your body, and not just through practice and exercise. No, you need to react to the battlefield, combating the ill effects of whatever the environment throws at you. That’s why you need a battlefield scarf. Something to help you keep your body temperature regulated, prevent detrimental shaking and loss of aim, and protect your neck and obscure your shape in situations where going undetected is a must. The best gunman scarves are patterned for all environments and easily stored and washed to ensure you only ever benefit from your purchase.

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  • Arab Square Scarf

    £5.99 Brand:
  • TX Gun Design Square Scarf

    £7.99 Brand:
  • TX Snood Scarf Neck Tube

    £3.99 Brand:
  • Shemagn Army Scarf

    £4.99 Brand: