Magazine Base Pads are a great way to improve the handling and reload time of your Airsoft Guns. They also add sufficient protection to your magazine from accidental drops and day-to-day usage. Magazine Pads create a larger point of reference so you can grab the magazine quickly, in the middle of a firefight, without even looking. As well as a slicker reload, they also create a more stable and accurate rest when used on rifle magazines. We also sell Slip Proof Stickers, which are another great addition to your magazine to improve reload time. As well as adding grip onto your magazine, this is also the perfect opportunity for personalisation of your BB Guns. This is particularly useful when at tournaments, as you and other contestants may have the same weapons. Magazine Base Pads and Slip Proof Stickers are a great addition to your airsoft loadout, whether you are new to the sport, or just want to improve reload time and efficiency when shooting.

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