If you are looking for low-cost airsoft BB pellets then you are at the right place, we don’t drop quality here, just the price! Our Bulldog BB Pellets set the standard for high volume, high quality but low price BBs. .12G BB are great for low-end spring BB guns and pistols. The standard BBs are .20G and work well in AEG (electric) Airsoft Guns. If you’re looking for accuracy for your airsoft gas pistols then.25G BBs may work well for you. We also stock other weight BBs such as .30G and .40G that are designed for airsoft sniper rifles. Please do not be tempted to use .12G BBs in Gas or Co2 pistols with blowback as they will damage your pistol as they will break up under the power of the pistol. If you need any help choosing the correct BBs for your airsoft or BB Guns please see our blog or contact us via this website.

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