A good airsoft player knows that there is more to winning than brute force. You have to be tactical and find ways to outsmart your enemy. Aside from BB Guns, distraction is one of the key tools in your arsenal, and there’s no better way to draw your enemies’ attention than a well-placed plume of smoke or a sudden flash of light.

Our range of airsoft grenades will give you the tactical advantage on the battlefield, allowing you to confuse and outflank your enemies. We’ve got great prices on a huge selection of high-quality flashbangs and smoke grenades, all specially designed to give you the edge over your opponents. Manufactured by the world-renowned Enola Gaye company, our smoke grenades come in a range of colours and are designed to mimic the output of M18 military smoke grenades, but without any of the toxic fumes. All of our grenades are built to last and will not let you down in the heat of battle.

If you have any questions about our grenades or any of our Airsoft Guns, we’d love to hear from you. We are passionate about airsoft and always happy to help. Give us a call on 0330 900 5224.

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