Our airsoft Full Face Masks conjure images of post-apocalyptic wastelands, medieval warrior kings, and dystopian futures where homicidal androids prowl burnt-out cityscapes. If you want to eliminate the opposition, then intimidation is the most potent weapon in your armoury alongside your BB Guns, so look no further. For something that says ‘surgical precision, try the Fencing and Combat masks. Both the mesh and the anti-fog visors allow you greater peripheral vision than many other variants. Showcase your skills professionally and let your headshots do the talking. Looking to terrorize? With a spiked metal jaw-piece and medieval ridges, the Warrior mask says ‘bring the pain’ like nothing else. It is outdone perhaps only by the Skull T2 for the sheer intimidation factor. For shoot-outs seemingly sponsored by the Fallout franchise, try the MO4 Gas Mask and Nel Mesh masks. These Full Face Masks create an atmosphere – sadly, one you can’t breathe – and they establish a hopeless, dystopian aesthetic suggestive of WWIII. All of our masks are designed for use with Airsoft Guns.

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