Stay lithe with these 0.12G BB pellets for your Airsoft Gun, available in a huge range of sizes, from 2000 shot containers to 15kg ammo boxes. These light, aerodynamic BB pellets are designed to optimise the fire rate, accuracy, and adaptability of spring-operated airsoft BB pistols and guns, plus most entry-level airsoft electric BB Guns. As with all our BB pellets, our 0.12G pellets are polished to a smooth, efficient surface with no imperfections or ridges, ensuring they’re the best fit for your rifle and avoiding any malfunctions caused by incompatibilities or poor fits. Choose now from ammo in black, white and even gold, including major brands such as the UK’s number one supplier, Bulldog, and stylish Gold Fire high-grade airsoft pellets. Our range has been selected by professional quality players for professional quality players. We’re constantly removing weak links and adding great new products to keep our customers up to date.

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