At Just BB Guns, we stock a wide range of Airsoft patches that can be added to vests, bags, rigs, caps and Airsoft Guns to add some personal flair to your setup while at an Airsoft meet or game. We stock brands, both BB Guns and more, like Bulldog. These allow you to show off your love for your favourite manufacturers, and we also stock flag patches to allow you to show your allegiance to your favourite team while taking part in an event. They don’t just allow you to express yourself in the field – they also allow you and your teammates to identify one another, and bonding over the same patch can bring a sense of camaraderie to the game. Patches can also be used as a psych-out tactic – why not intimidate your opponents by adorning a menacing patch that will strike fear into their hearts? For fun, funky and relevant Velcro-backed Airsoft patches, look no further!

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