There’s nothing wrong with the humble BB pistol. It’s where most of us started and it has probably served you well through many games. However, as your airsoft skills increase and your opponents become more challenging, you might find that you need something with a bit more firepower. Buying another weapon can be expensive, so why not upgrade your favourite pistol instead? Made by the world-renowned CAA company, our RONI conversion pistol kits can be fitted to any standard M9 pistol to turn it into a powerful tactical carbine. Once fitted, the kit will boost your pistol with better grip and improved accuracy. It also comes with a set of top and side rails, allowing you to further modify your BB Guns with scopes and sights and a lower rail on which you can mount a forearm grip. The conversion pistol kits are easy to assemble and their sleek ergonomic design and ambidextrous charging handle make it a comfortable option for both right and left-handed players. If you have any Airsoft Guns questions, please contact us for help.

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