Our collection of top-quality battery cases are an essential addition to your Airsoft Guns. There’s nothing as frustrating as either running out of battery or damaging one while deep in battle. There are many different shapes and sizes while being subtle enough not to look out of place when attached. Manufactured by top brands such as Bulldog and SRC plus many more, these robust cases will keep your batteries from getting damaged. Some Airsoft players even choose to attach a battery case just to make their BB Guns stand out from the crowd! Perhaps your decision to store the battery on the outside is because you want something with a little more power to blow the enemy away. Whatever the reason, Just BB Guns UK has you covered. We can offer these in a range of colours, like black or tan, so that it matches the theme of your Airsoft gun. Just BB Guns UK has been around for more than 10 years – we have tried and tested many different battery cases during that time. For expert advice and guidance, either give one of our professionals a call on 0330 900 5224 or pop down to our London store.

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