If you are planning a game of airsoft, why not add some additional fun and laughter with these brilliant masks. Choose from a wide selection of styles and colours including skulls, skeletons, clowns, and the famous scream mask. Whether you’re playing with the kids or a group friends, these masks will make your game even more memorable. Every mask has been designed to either scare or make people laugh. If you’re playing as a team, you can even pick a theme to intimidate your opponents. They are also a great option for an affordable Halloween outfit. There are a variety of exciting designs to choose from including hand-painted faces and LED light-up masks to really stand out from the crowd. Please note, these masks are designed for fun and do not provide protection from projectiles from BB Guns. Please always use protective eye gear while playing airsoft or with Airsoft Guns. Each mask is moulded for comfort and comes with a secure head strap.

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