Death from the shadows, carried on silent wings by an unseen killer. This is the wage of the sniper, a ghost warrior whose deadly absence from the theatre of war can turn the tide of battle. Of course, even the ghost warrior needs ammo. That’s taken care of by our selection of Sniper BB Pellets. Each pellet is polished down to a faultless sphere, guaranteeing aerodynamic fire and preventing any misalignments or ‘roadblock’ damage that can harm your Airsoft Guns and kill your chances of taking destruction right to the enemy’s door. Our Sniper BB Pellets ammo is available in a range of sizes to suit your BB Guns, with major brands such as Bulldog bringing smooth, dark-coloured ammo to your sniper rifle, keeping you safe in the shadows where you can practise real mastery of the craft of shooting. Snipers may not get the credit they deserve, but their shooting is a form of artistry, and an artist needs only the best supplies.

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