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WoSport has spent many years honing its craft in developing and producing industry-leading tactical, protective gear for the Airsoft arena. Now a comprehensive business and operation, WoSport owns multiple brands, including WoSport and KingRin Outdoor, and they successfully integrate excellent service, quality production and innovative research and development into everything they manufacture. As a trusted name in the industry, WoSport provides high-quality protective gear and equipment, ideal for the avid Airsoft user. Their tactical helmets are not only aesthetically appealing and available in a variety of colours, but they are also strong, reliable and provide only the best in protective qualities. WoSport is committed to customer security and ensuring genuine safety whilst using its products, and its helmets stay true to this ethos. Benefits across the range of helmets include the use of polymer engineering materials, hard shell design and super wear resistance. Furthermore, some products include an anti-fog device (requires batteries), whilst others have impact resistance of 600FPS for the main helmet and adjustable buttons for the head circumference, ensuring a perfect and comfortable fit. You won’t be disappointed with WoSport’s robust tactical gear, and with a range of designs and colours available, there is something for every Airsoft enthusiast. Most of the products from this brand are compatible with our airsoft guns on this website.

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