We sell a selection of top-quality M4 Airsoft Guns at Just BB Guns. With both semi and fully automatic capabilities, M4 rifles are a fantastic weapon at medium-range. One of the most famous firearms used by armed forces around the world, the M4 rifle is guaranteed to suit every type of airsoft enthusiast. Why choose an airsoft M4? Our airsoft M4 rifles can shoot up to 330 fps at 600 rpm. The sheer number of .20 BB bullets that can be fired in under a minute would scare even the most seasoned airsoft player. Our guns also offer the option to fire in either semi-automatic or fully automatic, giving you more flexibility over how you approach different skirmishes. The M4 rifle has undergone significant upgrades since its creation in 1984, with the US army investing heavily in improving the design over the years. They are now mostly gas-operated and magazine-fed, selective-fire firearms, and you can find many of these features in the airsoft M4 rifles that have recently entered the market. An M4 airsoft rifle should be your most trusted firearm, providing reliable accuracy in every situation. Being able to adjust your rifle is, therefore, imperative, which is why our airsoft M4s have adjustable hop-ups for increased distance and accuracy when needed. Our rifles also come with a removable handle, allowing you to easily clean or change the grip of your rifle before every skirmish. Finally, the M4 rifle comes with a 4-position, adjustable sliding stock that gives you varying levels of control depending on your skill level. If you’re looking for a high-quality airsoft rifle, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything better than an airsoft M4. See also our wider BB Guns range for more.

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