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The Double Eagle brand is renowned in the Airsoft community for its quality, durability and popularity. The perfect choice for a beginner or entry-level marksman in the Airsoft world, Double Eagle (or “DE” as it is more widely known) manufactures a large and complete range of rifles, shotguns and electric and spring-powered BB guns. High in standard but low in price, the range includes but is not limited to, cheap but sturdy two-tone spring pistols and spring rifles or slightly more expensive, higher-grade replica shotguns and machine guns. All of DE’s Airsoft guns are available in a variety of styles, with many optional extras such as flashlights or red dot scopes for you to choose from. Manufactured in China, DE products should not be undersold as you can be assured of their reliability and durability as they are some of the most popular sold Airsoft guns and widely accepted as a quality choice by the Airsoft community. If you require a reputable and trusted Airsoft gun, Double Eagle is the brand to look for.

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