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HFC is an instantly recognisable name in the world of airsoft. When most players think of airsoft guns, they think of HFC Airsoft. Designing and manufacturing BB guns that are cheap enough for the beginner and casual player but with the build quality of a BB gun twice the price, they have proven repeatedly why they are one of the standard choices when it comes to choosing an airsoft gun. An instantly recognisable brand known for its spring-action guns, HFC Airsoft UK are ideal for getting started in skirmish sites. We stock a wide range of their weapons including the popular HA102, HG126 and HA 112 pistols to the new V2 VSR11 sniper rifle and bayonets for an extra tactical edge. We also stock magazines and pellets from HFC so all your needs are covered at a price to suit everyone. Take a look at our sniper rifle bundle offers to really up the level of fun in your games. Made of durable plastic and with a realistic look, the choice of an HFC Airsoft gun is simple. Whether you’re looking for something up close and personal or to cover your allies on the battlefield, Just BB Guns has you covered.

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