M46 Famas Spring Airsoft Gun
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This is the M46F spring FAMAS style airsoft gun…

SKU: M46-1

This is the M46F spring FAMAS style airsoft gun from DE. A full-size spring airsoft BB gun that offers outstanding accuracy due to the design and barrels size. If you are looking for a tactical looking sniper rifle this is for you. It has good FPS and with 0.20G BB you can hit most targets with just a small amount of practice.

FPS 0.20G BB300
FPS 0.12G BB370

268 reviews for M46 Famas Spring Airsoft Gun

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  1. carlitoelgrande

    Bought this gun 2nd hand a few years ago and it is by far my favourite gun.
    pros: fantastic cocking mechanism for fast shooting, solid build and feel, lefty or right handed, good mag capacity with cheap spares on this site, accurate and powerful, Decent ris rails, easily adjustable hop up and sights for mid battle tweaks.
    Cons: accessories are a bit cheap as you can expect but nothing to put you off the purchase.

    Overall I suggest this gun to anyone, amazing value for £30 and still shooting straight after 5 years of tough games. 10/10 buy it.

  2. TJ Ryan

    This is a very good choice for you first bb gun ive had mine for about a 2 months now I think is very heavy duty for a plastic gun good quality I haven’t had any jams yet my only complaint is the fact that the sights are hard to use and you cant quickly snap to them because of the way the stock is built and also the mag takes about 45 bb’s not 40 you can also find spare mags on bbguns4less but anyway yeah good gun well built pretty accurate I also find that 20 gram bb’s are best 25 gram bullets don’t feed properly but yeah if your looking for you first bb gun go with this you get a lot for the price 😀

  3. Adam Aziz

    love this gun the range is amazing and it has very decent power. It is extremely easy shooting in distance. This is my first gun and for this price I think this gun is amazing. It is a very solid gun and it feel very comfortable. I think the speed loader is excellent but I also think that there are a few better speed loaders like. As I said before it is really worth buying. This gun will definitely give you hours of fun. I give it a 9.75 out of 10.

  4. lezetom

    This is the first spring rifle I have bought and I made no mistake in choosing this gun. It is extremely solid and feels very real when holding it. It is very accurate and is easy to aim down the iron sights if you adjust them correctly. I would recommend having a speed loader as when your need to reload, as using the rod and tube they provide you with is painful and time consuming. It hits hard enough to sting a fair bit and has not once jammed or caused me with any reason to doubt the quality of the build. 9.5/10 – Value for money 100%. For anyone who wants to have fun with airsoft, this is the gun for you.

  5. Brad

    One of the best bb guns iv use got range n power hits target 9/10 so really good gun

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