At Just BB Guns, our range of FAMAS Airsoft Guns is recognised for its extremely high rate of fire, and its fire mode can be controlled by a selector in the trigger guard. The FAMAS Machine AEG was first designed in France by a weapons manufacturer in Saint-Étienne and has become one of the most popular firearms in the world. Known for its bullpup style, this is often the weapon of choice in many First Person Shooter games. Its action, magazine and ammunition feed are all located behind its trigger, giving it better accuracy while also reducing its weight for improved manoeuvrability. Our airsoft FAMAS airsoft gun is perfect for anyone looking to get started in airsoft. Elegant, accurate and with a good rate of fire and fast reloading times, you’ll be able to hit your targets in no time. To see what products we have to offer, view our range of replica airsoft FAMAS BB Guns here.

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