What is the best beginner Airsoft gun?

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What is the best beginner Airsoft gun
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‘What is the best beginner airsoft gun?’ is probably the most common question we get asked at Just BB Guns. So for this article, we’ll go into our top picks for airsoft guns we recommend for beginners. Out of all of our airsoft guns, we believe that the following are perfect for beginners thanks to their upgrade options and, most importantly, their price.

In airsoft, there are so many different options to pick from, so beginners can find it a nightmare selecting the right gun to start out with. So many people find themselves questioning how much they should spend, what brands are the best, and which they should buy; we hope this article will help if you are one of those people.

It can be a bit of a minefield when recommending airsoft guns due to peoples price range expectations. We suggest a budget of between £100 – £200 for a good airsoft gun to start skirmishing. If you have a bit more to spend, you will get a more durable gun, something that is full metal and built to take a bashing. However, there is nothing wrong with picking the cheaper sub £100 sportsline models; they are not full metal and may not take a bashing like the full metal options but will deliver the same performance.

So let’s dive into our recommendations. Please note, our recommendations are all two-tone guns, however black and tan options are available.

Bulldog Airsoft Sportsline M4PG and M4PI Electric Airsoft Guns (Sub £100)

Without a doubt, these are the most popular starter Airsoft guns on Just BB Guns to date. When it comes to reliability, quality, and ease of use, the M4PG and M4PI are leaps and bounds ahead of any other airsoft gun in their price range. In addition, both models come with a full length 20mm RIS / RAS top rail for attaching sights, scopes and more, as well as a four-point 20mm handguard for bipods, grips and other aftermarket attachments, leaving plenty of room for modifications. These assault rifles are available in blue, black and tan…

bulldog airsift gun m4pg

Bulldog M4PG RIS Airsoft Gun

bulldog airsift gun m4pi

Bulldog M4PI RIS CQB Airsoft Gun


Bulldog Airsoft ST Series Assult Rifles (Sub £200)

Seriously cool guns, these electric airsoft guns are recommended to the more committed beginner. Created by Bulldog Airsoft under licence, these guns may look like an M4 but are uniquely styled with sight visions to create a more tactical look. Not only are the externals durable and hard-wearing, but this weapon comes with advanced internals, including an electronic trigger and MOSFET system! These assault rifles are available in blue, black and tan…

Bulldog ST Delta L Airsoft Gun

Bulldog ST Delta L Airsoft Gun

Bulldog ST Delta m Airsoft Gun

Bulldog ST Delta M Airsoft Gun

Bulldog ST beta Airsoft Gun

Bulldog ST Beta Airsoft Gun


Mamba Assult Rifles (Bulldog ST – Sub £200, SRC Gen2/Gen3 – Sub £400) 

If you’re looking for something special to stand out from the crowd, then the Mamba M4 may be for you. Although designed on the traditional M4 platform, these assault rifles have a new design tactical stock and handguard system. The Bulldog airsoft ST Mamba P1 and P2 are recommended for beginners due to their low cost; however, if you can stretch the budget, the full metal Gen2 and gen3 are excellent. All models offer the ability to start playing right out of the box; simply add BBs and a compatible battery and charger, and you are all set. These assault rifles are available in blue, black and tan…

Bulldog ST Mamba P1 Airsoft Gun

Bulldog ST Mamba P1 Airsoft Gun

Bulldog ST Mamba P2 Airsoft Gun

Bulldog ST Mamba P2 Airsoft Gun

So that’s the Just BB Guns top pics for the perfect beginner airsoft gun. If you have any questions about airsoft guns or bb guns, please contact us via this website or drop into our London store.

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