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Airsoft Gas Guide – Gas-powered Airsoft Guns and BB Guns are growing in popularity, and we at Just BB Guns are regularly asked about the different Airsoft Gas that are now available. Hopefully, the following information will answer your questions about airsoft green gas.

Airsoft Gas Guide CO2 B1


If you’re thinking about getting yourself a Co2-powered gun or pistol, chances are it’s going to be powered by a CO2 bulb or capsule, as we call it. These are usually inserted into the bottom of the magazine or into the pistol grip and are screwed into the gun with a cap until the top of the cartridge is pierced to release the co2.

Co2 is usually favoured during the colder months of the year because it’s less affected by temperature. One of the things that you need to look out for when using Co2 bulbs is to make sure that it pierces completely when inserting it into the mag and also make sure you don’t over-tighten it; otherwise, you could cause damage to the valve. Always make sure the Co2 bulbs are fully emptied before trying to take them out of the magazine.


Now for the slightly more complicated topic of Airsoft Green Gas. Whilst Airsoft Green Gas is available in various different varieties they are essentially just propane with varying amounts of silicon lube or other additives contained in the mixture to vary the potential power output provided. The additives are used to stabilize the gas to inhibit it from rapid or increased expansion from temperature. Generally, the more additives, the less powerful the gas is due to the decreased volume of propane, and the fewer additives, the more powerful it becomes.

Airsoft Gas Guns typically store the gas in the magazines, and can be easily filled simply by depressing the cans nozzle into the fill valve on the base of the magazine. It’s very easy to do, and the gas itself is very easy to store as it’s in a simple metal can with a push-to-release nozzle. An added bonus of Green Gas Magazines is that they can be topped up at any time; this makes them very easy to use; however, due to the limited gas storage space and being surrounded by thick metal in the magazine, the gas is easily affected by temperature. Weaker gas is more affected by lower temperature, with a common gotcha being trying to use weak gas in colder weather, rendering them useless, with the inverse also being true, of using too powerful gas in high temperatures and making it more powerful.


Here are a few examples just to help guide you through Airsoft Gas and the correct choice for you. There are a number of brands on offer regarding Airsoft Gas, including Abbey and Nupro being the most popular at this time in the UK

In range of power, we have the following:

Airsoft Gas Guide GAS WHITE


The lower-power gas is most likely to be used with polymer-slide pistols and rifles, or if you’ve got a gas gun which is running too hot to be used at your skirmish site, it can help you bring down the FPS (power of your gun).

Airsoft Gas Guide GAS GREEN


This is the most used Airsoft Gas, and what we recommend to start off with. We recommend Green Gas for pretty much every gas pistol and rifle we sell in-store and on our website. Some guns do require more powerful gas, but this is very rare, and we can discuss it with you via our support system.

Airsoft Gas Guide GAS RED


The Red Gas is a little bit more powerful than the Green Gas and is generally used for lower temperatures; however, it is missing that silicone lubricant component, so just bear that in mind. You’ll usually be using this gas in winter in larger gas-powered replica Airsoft Guns.

Airsoft Gas Guide GAS black gas


Black Gas is the most powerful airsoft gas available and is mostly used in the coldest temperatures or if you’ve got an airsoft rifle with a very heavy bolt action that needs more power to cycle properly.


Growing in popularaty is HPA, which stands for High Pressure Air. These types of guns are usually powered by a pressurized bottle, which is fed into a regulator which controls the amount of air or gas escaping from the bottle in a very consistent manner, and then that feeds into the rifle and pushes the BB through the barrel. The release of air is controlled inside the weapon either by a mechanical system or, more popularly, via a digital Fire Control Unit, which can be programmed to various different modes. HPA replicas are usually very consistent, and they’re less effective, if at all, by temperature, which means you can run it pretty much all year round.


We hope that this helps with any questions you may have regarding both Co2 and Green Gas for your Airsoft Guns and BB Guns. If you have any questions about this blog, please do contact our support team.


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