How to Mount a Tracer or Suppressor

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How to Mount a Tracer or Suppressor
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How to Mount a Tracer or Suppressor on your BB guns or Airsoft Guns – Don’t know how to mount a tracer or a suppressor? Here is the complete guide. But before we go into that! Let’s learn a little about Tracer Units and Suppressors.

A tracer unit can provide you with a tactical advantage over your opponents by lighting up the BBs and allowing you to see exactly where you’re shooting, even in complete darkness. Airsoft tracers are devices that allow you and other players to see where the BBs are travelling at night.

The Airsoft Tracer Unit is one of the coolest Airsoft items you will see. When playing at night, you will notice that they are frequently used in CQB scenarios.

In brief, there are phosphorescent BBs that may be seen glowing in the dark when fired from Airsoft Guns. Tracer units assist such BBs by illuminating them immediately before they are projected.


When it comes to Airsoft, it doesn’t matter whether you call it a suppressor or a silencer.

A suppressor’s fundamental purpose is to either suppress the air coming out of the top of the gun, change the appearance of the rifle, or protect the gun barrel.

You must remember that Airsoft is a sport that imitates the tactics and weaponry used in real battles and operations. Therefore, a tool or equipment that works perfectly in a real war situation may not operate as well when copied.

Such is the situation with suppressors in Airsoft; they do work, but the results are not as captivating as you may expect at first.

And the cool thing is; most tracers are already suppressors.


1. Physical Appearance

Nothing is more enticing in Airsoft than the realism that it provides. Putting a silencer on your airsoft replica will make it more tactical and fantastic.

If you prefer playing sly games like Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid, and Hitman, or viewing similar movies, chances are you will not hesitate to upgrade your favourite replica with such an addition.

Some people just need this aesthetic reason to add suppressors to their arsenal, but there are plenty of other reasons as well.

2. Coverage of Barrel Extensions

Some firearms feature long inner barrel extensions that some players may find unsightly. Thus, it’s a good idea to put a suppressor on top of it to hide it.

3. Noise Reduction

Suppressors do decrease noise on the replicas, but the results may not be exciting.

Foam Suppressors, among the other sorts, are the most renowned for their effectiveness when it comes to soundproofing.

It is important to understand where the sound on the replica comes from: does it come from the inner mechanism or from the top of the gun where the air gets forced out?


1. On 14mm CW Male Threading – UMAREX H&K G36C Sportline, G&P AEGs, Ares AEGs, Specna SA-Gxx series AR36 AEG

If you own AEG or GBBR made by G&P, an AR36 AEG from S&T, Ares, or Specna Arms, or the amazing new Umarex H&K G36C Sportline, your barrel threads are reversed and will need an adapter! These are not difficult to get and easily thread onto your 14mm CW threads, ready for a tracer or suppressor.

2. 14mm CCW Male Threading – Most Airsoft AEGs and GBBRs, SRC, Bulldog Airsoft, King Arms, Classic Army, and most AEGs sold on Just BB Guns

If the barrel of your Airsoft gun has 14mm CCW male threading, you are ready to mount the vast majority of Airsoft tracer units and suppressors on the market. We always recommend double-checking the product description to ensure you are purchasing the correct threading, but in 99% of cases, 14mm CCW male threading will be perfect.

3. 12mm CW Male Threading – UMAREX H&K MP7A1 GBB and AEG

You must be dying to add a suppressor to your Umarex MP7, whether in AEG or GBB form. MP7s with suppressors are a perfect fit, and whether you want tracer functionality or just the aesthetic, you can do it despite the MP7’s unconventional threading.

4. 12mm CW Female Threading – Army Armament, Raven, and VORSK GBB Pistols

If your handgun has 12mm CW female threads, like those found on Army Armament, Raven, and VORSK GBB pistols, you’ll need a 12mm CW Female to 14mm CCW male thread adapter if you want to use a tracer or suppressor. Before ordering, double-check that your airsoft has threading, as some Army Armament pistols do not have barrel threads, whereas all Raven and VORSK pistols do.

5. 16mm CW Male Threading – Tokyo Marui and ASG MK23 NBB Pistols

Wielding an MK23 without a suppressor should be illegal – thank goodness both TM and ASG provide a suppressor in the packaging! You’ll need a replacement outer barrel if you wish to change the look of your big boy sniper’s handgun or add a tracer for low light and CQB use.

6. 18mm CCW Male Threading – ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 AEG

We all adore a Scorpion EVO, except when it’s on the opposing team! Because the ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 has 18mm CCW male threading at the tip of its outer barrel, it requires an adapter to add a tracer unit or suppressor.


The following Airsoft Suppressors are classified as universal; they have a 14mm CCW thread on one end and, at the other end, a fitting that fits over your existing flash hider. Always read the product discription before purchasing.


The following are recommended Airsoft Tracer Units and work with all 6mm tracer BBs. The Spitfire Tracer also works with standard BBs if you just want the flash effect and not the tracer effect.


Suppressors will not improve your accuracy. If you want to improve the accuracy and range of your airsoft weapons, you should look at other options rather than suppressors.

Check your hop up, clean the barrel, improve the gun, and start using heavier BBs if your gun’s FPS permits it, as heavier BBs will provide greater resistance against the wind and thus increase accuracy.


You should now have a good idea of everything you need to add a tracer or suppressor to your Airsoft gun! Some platforms are not covered in this article because they lack barrel threads or have their own thread type.

You can tell whether you need a suppressor from the article. I would add them to my collection because I like tactical stuff, and they have some interesting benefits, but they do not perform to the extent that real suppressors on real guns do, and thus some people do not like the fact that they do not silence their weapon as well as they would like.

Remember that Airsoft is still a sport and not a real battle, so sometimes a little imagination goes a long way, and if all the suppressor will give you is an aesthetic advantage, you should consider it great news!


You can see our full range of Airsoft Tracers and Suppressors on the Just BB Guns website, No1 for Airsoft Guns in the UK.

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