Gel Blaster Guns

gel blaster guns


At JBBG, we now stock the latest Gel Blaster Rifles and Gel Blaster Pistols. Gel Blasters are NOT Airsoft Guns but something completely different. Unlike Airsoft, you only need to be aged 14 years or over to buy a Gel Blaster Gun, and any age can own and use one. The main difference between Gel Blasters to any other forms of BB Guns is that the Gel Blaster Ammo is very small to start with, you simply add water, and they magically expand to a hard gel ball or BB that is about 7.5mm in diameter and is mainly water. However, you will be mistaken if you think they are soft; they are, in fact, very hard and disintegrate after use.

Gel Blasters are great fun for target shooting, such as knocking down tin cans, and even in a garden battle with friends, simpler to a paintball or airsoft game. It is important to wear shooting glasses or goggles when using a Gel Blaster. In battle, it is a must to wear a full face mask and never use one with metal mesh eye protection. Only use perspex eye protection in your mask to protect against Gel Blaster BBs that disintegrate on impact.

Gel Blaster Guns

SPLATERBALL is one of the largest brands of Gel Blaster Guns in the USA. Take a look at the full range of Gel Blaster Rifles here

gel blaster guns

Looking for Gel Blaster Ammo or Gel Blaster Accessories? JBBG has you covered.


Gel Blaster Guns, also known as Gel Ball Blasters, are recreational shooting devices that are popular in some countries, particularly Australia. They are designed to simulate the experience of military-style combat without the same level of danger as traditional firearms. Here’s some information about gel blaster guns:


Gel blaster guns are powered by an electric motor or a manual spring mechanism. They use a piston system to propel small, water-absorbing gel balls. These balls are typically around 6-8mm in diameter after soaking in water.


The gel balls used as ammunition are made of a biodegradable material that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. When fired, the gel balls explode upon impact, releasing a small burst of water. They are considered safe for outdoor play and dissolve over time, leaving no residue behind.


While gel blaster guns are generally considered safe, it is important to follow safety guidelines. Eye protection, such as goggles or safety glasses, is essential to prevent injuries. It is also recommended to wear appropriate clothing to protect exposed skin.

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We will soon have the NEW Bulldog Blaster Gel Guns here at JBBG. Keep dropping back to see when the new just-for-fun and pro-grade Gel Blaster Guns from Bulldog will be in stock! We also have a large number of Gel Blaster accessories and Ammo from Bulldog on the way to us.

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