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BB Guns and Airsoft Guns for sale from Just BB Guns UK

Welcome to Just BB Guns (JBBG) – a longstanding, leading retailer of UK legal 2 tone and black Pro Airsoft Guns. Our extensive collection of authentic replica rifles and pistols, all of which are designed to fire BB pellets, makes up one of the biggest selections available in the UK, sourced from leading manufacturers worldwide. Supplying quality BBguns, accessories, scopes and ancillary equipment to enthusiasts of all levels, our websites serve the needs of thousands of visitors each day, we are a major trusted expert in our field. With our impressive London store located in Feltham, just off the M4 at junction 3 where visitors can view our wide selections, we offer professional and unbiased advice to assist you in finding the right products for you. Here to provide the finest assortment of Airsoft BB guns, 2 tone BB guns and all the ammo, targets, protective clothing, batteries and chargers, lasers, scopes, mounts and much more, choose JBBG for all your Airsofting and BB needs today. Don't be fooled by copycat websites, JBBG since 2009 - now trading for over 6 years! 



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What our customers say about Just BB Guns

I love Just BB Guns because they sell quality weapons at very reasonable prices and i have bought a number of items from this site and i have no problem with any of them!

i love just bb guns because its a fantastic website and the guns are so cheap. I had 6 bb guns before and they have always came on time and most importently in one peice, They all came from the same website just bb guns. This website is posisibly the best bb gun shop ever, in my obinion it is.I have been on loads of bb gun websites, such as tacticle bb guns and overs but this one is the best, the staff are so kined there aswell................................................................................. THE BEST BB GUN WEBSITE EVER

As a frequent visitor and customer of just bb guns, having looked at all the other competition out there, it\'s clear to me that just bb guns is in a league of its own. Their prices are the lowest around and their products are both reliable and of good quality. Thanks to just bb guns i purchased my first decent airsoft gun and discovered my love for airsoft. I wish the company many more years of success and hope that they can continue to inspire the youth of tomorrow.

Just BB Guns Great website, great store and just a great way to get into airsoft!

I love JBBG for a long time I\'ve been a fan since around 2009 when you only sold beginner airsoft guns! I love the excellent service and the delivery times. I believe JBBG offer a wide selection for an affordable price too. Excellent quality and performance.! :D thank you for your service JBBG!

best bb site bar none. great videos. great prices. great service.

I Like JustBBGuns because they offer great products at brilliant prices and my orders always come within two days! The products they offer are high quality and always ready for a skirmish, they have not let me down so far. When you\'re bored you can be sure they\'ll have a cheap little plastic handgun for popping at cans. Great products, Great prices, Great service. Thanks

Had a few guns from here now, and guess with my kids i will be having a few more, just ordered another today, I'm always impressed at the price and quality of the guns. There's something for everyone, bottom end guns (which are really good quality in my opinion) to the expensive stuff. I have four boys, all into guns, we love going through site, watching videos, making Birthday and Christmas lists. Customer service is excellent if you have a problem, unlike other sites i have used. Top marks all round !!

Justbbguns have always been the first choice for me I always look at your website looking for the best bb guns there are. All Justbbguns products are at very high standard. I love the way you sell not just bb guns but clothing, keyrings, parts, batteries and chargers and targets. You are the best efficient website. Your skirmish sites are very well laid out and there is lots to do! I will cut to the chase now justbbguns rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi just bb guns i love your website it has the cheapest prices and the best customer service and you always have a good bargain and anamzing weapon choice plus you should open stores nation wide that would be smashing.I have your website as my no.1 bookmark and i check your new products every time i get a chance best website ever.

The Law: Regulations around Airsoft Guns

If you are 18 years of age or over you can buy a 2 tone Airsoft BB Gun, one which PRINCIPLE COLOUR is significantly different from that of a real firearm i.e. bright orange, green, blue etc.

Since October 2007 you can only buy a realistic imitation firearm (one that looks like a real gun i.e. black) if you are at least 18 years old and meet one of the following conditions.

- You are a REGISTERED airsofter with membership of an insured skirmish site. To be registered you must attend a properly organised and insured airsoft site and play for at least three days over a period of not less than two months. Even if you attend and play the three days in your first week, UK Law requires that two months pass from the first day attended before you can legally be registered.

- You have a current UKARA membership.
- You are a member of a properly insured historical re-enactment group or society.
- You are a film, television or theatre production company.
- You are (or are acting on behalf of) a museum.
- You are a Crown Servant in pursuance of your Crown duties.

If you cannot meet any of these criteria, you can still buy an imitation firearm, one which PRINCIPLE COLOUR is significantly different from that of a real firearm i.e. bright orange, green, blue etc.

The VCRA 2006 concerns itself with sale, manufacture and import ONLY. If you buy an imitation firearm and either gift it to someone else, or allow them to use it regardless of their age you are not contravening the Act. So, a parent can buy a two-tone airsoft gun and give it to their child to use or keep.

FPS UPDATE 18/10/2011 - UK Airsoft established at 1.3 joules (approx. 374FPS/.2g bb) for full auto and 2.5 joules (approx 519FPS) for single/semi sniper or pistol. Please note: each skirmish site will have different FPS limits on their games. This UPDATE is only to inform you of the maximum legal limits.

Safety and Age Restrictions

BB Guns and Airsoft Guns use air and spring power and are intended for general target practice or skirmishing at organised events. They use 6mm plastic bb bullets and are totally harmless providing safety information is observed. You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase; orders are only accepted on the condition customers have read our Terms and Conditions. Please note: an adult should supervise persons less than 14 years of age at all times. No gun should be carried in a public place unless in transit when it should be unloaded and placed in a bag. Guns must not be concealed on one's person, or pointed or fired at another human or animal. Safety glasses and other protective clothing should also be worn when operating the gun or viewing. It is a criminal offence to alter the appearance or paint in a colour of an imitation firearm to make it into a realistic firearm. We only sell black Airsoft gun to persons over 18 and that have ether a valid UKARA membership or that have a valid reason to purchase, please see below for more info.