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We are pleased to announce that the X3200 and X3500 airsoft chronographs from Xcortech are now available from Just BB Guns. These airsoft chronographs are some of the best we have seen in terms of both quality and features. They are a must have tool for any airsoft enthusiast or airsoft skirmish site.

The X3200 is the more standard model of chronograph but is very reliable and accurate with its readings. The chronograph is able to show: fps, mps, joules, rate of fire, fire range and other important statistics about your airsoft rifle.

The X3500 is a high-end airsoft chronograph with a really impressive feature. The screen is able to be detached from the main unit and mounted onto the Picatinny rail of your airsoft rifle. This allows you to check your airsoft gun’s statistics without having to walk up to the chronograph. Other features include built in shot memory, external power input, multi-screen information, and an auto rotating screen.

Take a look at Xcortech airsoft chronographs on Just BB Guns for more information.

Just BB Guns is a leading UK retailer of airsoft guns and accessories.

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