Why the SRC Generation III AEGs Should Be on Your Christmas List

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SRC, short for Starrainbow Company was founded in Taiwan in 1993 as a wholesale company focusing in on the supply of domestic toys. Shortly after, SRC took their first foray into the airsoft market following the growing interest in airsoft throughout the globe, selling imported replicas. In the same instance, SRC started putting plans into place to design and manufacture their own range of airsoft replicas in a bid to become one of the world’s best airsoft producers.

SRC’s first products were a range of modification kits and accessories for existing airsoft brands. Over time SRC slowly developed into the powerhouse they are today. SRC now have a wide range of products available, all of which go through a rigorous quality test before being shipped to retailers like ourselves.

The new Generation III of SRC Airsoft guns are aimed to be one of the best and finest lines of Airsoft guns in the world. Generation III includes most of the features and parts that Airsoft Players spend lots of money on in aftermarket parts right out of the box. Welcome to the exciting new world of SRC Airsoft Guns!


The Generation III range of SRC Airsoft guns have come on leaps and bounds from previous generations, and the build quality is outstanding. The majority of products within the Gen. III range are built with full metal construction, ensuring they can handle a large amount of punishment. Furthermore, a number of their products also make use of real wood where applicable, for example, with their brilliant range of AK models.


The SRC RPK is a brilliant example of build quality. Constructed with a mixture of metal and real wood, the RPK feels like an absolute tank; exactly what we’d expect of the support-gun variant of the absolutely bombproof AK47. (SRC AK47 RPK Airsoft Gun Metal and Wood AEG Gen3)


Performance-wise, the Gen. III range from SRC run like a well-oiled machine. SRC has gone to great lengths to ensure the internals of their new Gen. III range are of the highest quality, doing away with previous parts from older generation models to ensure previous issues were dealt with. The Gen. III range can now boast to be up there with some of the most prestigious airsoft brands on the market, with high rates of fire, range and precision all attached to the SRC name. Furthermore, due to this complete re-haul, the Gen. III range is incredibly reliable, and we’ve had nothing but praise back from customers buying SRC products since.


The new MP40 from SRC is honestly a sight to behold. Before even looking at the gun itself, you can tell the amount of effort that has gone into the product purely from the packaging – which not only performs its job impeccably but also looks good while doing so. The gun itself follows in suit, and while we haven’t had the chance to get onto the playing field with the MP40 yet, it has excelled in every way in our testing — so much so that we simply cannot wait to use it in a real game! (SR40 MP40 Luxury Edition AEG Gen 3 Airsoft Gun SRC)


SRC are very much aware that Airsoft can be an expensive hobby, and in our opinion are doing everything to counteract that. SRC products are by no means cheap compared to some of the other products you may find on our website, however, when comparing the performance and build quality to the price, you should honestly be paying double what SRC are charging! Very rarely does a range perform as well as the Gen. III range while coming in at a very competitive price-point, ensuring that there is something for every price range in the process.


We’re that much a fan of the Gen. III G36 that we recently took an in-depth look at the rifle in a previous blog. That said, we couldn’t help but beat the G36 drum again because we’re amazed at how much you get for your money with the G36 at just over £200. We won’t bore you too much, but you can rest assured that if you’re looking for a G36, you shouldn’t look any further than the Gen. III G36! (SRC G36 Gen 3 Airsoft Gun)

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