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whats new 2022 airsoft guns
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At Just BB Guns, we work hard to bring you the very best in all things airsoft guns. We believe 2022 will be a big year for new airsoft guns and we are all very excited to see what 2022 will bring. However, we know what is on order and what is due to be with us very soon. Here are a few highlights of what we have in for the first part of this year. If you have any questions about our new products for 2022, please contact us via the website.


We are expecting a large delivery of WE airsoft rifles and pistols any day now. Within this delivery are some of our most popular AEGs and Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifles. This will also include some of the most popular pistols that are currently out of stock at Just BB Guns UK.

WE KAC PDW 10″ AEG Airsoft Gun


The WE KAC PDW 10″ AEG is one of the most modern assault rifles available. The Knights Armament Corporation started the PDW project in the early 2000s. They came up with a “Personal Defence Weapon”: considerably shorter and much lighter than the standard M4 carbine, while still using the same manual of arms. The specially lightened receiver and twin gas piston system meant that they could do away with the buffer tube and fit a side folding stock. This airsoft replica is just as impressive as its original real-life firearm. Complete with a high-cap 300 round magazine this PDW has the firepower to win any airsoft game. You can either squeeze a small lipo battery into the front section of this gun, but we recommend fitting a battery box to the side of the RIS section (sold separately).

WE 888C PCC GBBR Airsoft Rifle


The M4A1 PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) is a throwback to an older version of the M4 when Colt experimented with a 9mm configuration, though at that time it employed Uzi magazines instead of the more ubiquitous Glock magazines. This particular version from WE is more in line with the current 9mm pistol calibre carbines which use Glock magazines. Much like its real-steel counterpart, this rifle uses G series magazines in which you will be able to take this same one and use in your WE G series pistol. The gun is patterned after traditional ARs featuring similar control schemes and designed in WE’s 888C style. The C refers to this being a compact rifle. WE have managed to create this GBBR to have surprisingly strong recoil impulse and snappy cycling, despite only using a pistol magazine. To add to this, there is a different buffer spring for you to experience an even faster cycling rate! The internals are the same as seen in many other WE M4 GBBRs and can easily be swapped out for upgrade parts or replacements if necessary.


src airsoft bb guns logo

We are also expecting a large delivery from SRC that will include some new models alongside a restock of many Bulldog Airsoft guns currently unavailable at Just BB Guns UK. We will also be visiting the IWA Gun Trade Show in Germany again this year for face to face meetings with our suppliers and hope to secure even more brands for the Just BB Guns website and London shop.


You can see our full range of airsoft guns on the Just BB Guns category product pages. We also have many BBs and airsoft accessories, all at great low prices.

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