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Ever since Just BB Guns was launched, Abbey airsoft gas has been a favourite for both us and our customers. This is due to the awesome power and reliability it offers over some of its competitors in the market. Now Abbey is back again with a few new variants of their popular airsoft gas.

The first of these two new products are Abbey Predator Vertex airsoft gas, known by its orange bottle. This airsoft gas offers immense power and is designed for heavy recoil weapons that require more strength to operate. This gas will increase your gun’s FPS rating and rate of fire, just be careful not to use it in a gun that cannot handle the power of this Vertex gas! Like previous versions of Abbey gas, this Vertex gas features lubricant to keep your gun maintained and reliable.

Next is Brut Sniper gas from Abbey. This airsoft gas is designed to be used in airsoft snipers for long-range shooting. This gas offers the same kind of immense power as other high rated gas, but it does not wet the hop-up of your sniper with lubricant or oil. This means higher FPS output and more predictable accuracy, perfect for long-range shooting!

Both of these gases are available at Just BB Guns as single bottles or as bundles of three, plus are also available with our airsoft guns and in sets!

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