What is an AEG and Why You Should Get One

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What is an AEG and Why You Should Get One
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You may have identified the kind of outdoor event you want to organize or attend, and now you need to decide which of the games would work. Ultimately, your decision comes down to airsoft. However, purchasing the right Airsoft Guns remains a challenge.

Bear in mind it’s a tough choice, but choosing the right gun will guarantee the satisfaction you’d hope to achieve from this experience. Well, there are various types of automatic airsoft guns. But in the end, the vast majority of people prefer electric guns. What does this infer?

Electric guns are most famous for various reasons. So, read along as this article puts you through everything you need to know about an Automatic Electric Gun (AEG) and why you should get one.


Automatic Electric Gun, otherwise called (AEG) is the most popular form of airsoft gun used in airsoft fields around the world. It is the common choice among air-softers due to its large selection of options and versatility.

The automatic electric airsoft guns are battery-powered. These are not regular batteries. They are rechargeable. A typical battery will get you over 1500 shots on a full charge. Fortunately, the batteries are cheap, so you can purchase another to augment the one that comes with the gun. That way, you will have enough battery in the middle of a firefight.

Furthermore, the guns have selective capabilities that allow you to switch to various firing modes. This will enable you to go with single firing, semi-automatic, or even go all out with a fully automatic firing mode. The vast majority of air softer use the electric gun because it’s easy to upgrade and find its parts for repairs. Let’s do a quickie on how electric guns come and its benefit over others.


There are a series of processes that occur inside an electric gun, from when the shooter pulls the trigger to when the motor starts rotating, causing the bevel to engage. Then after to the point where the spring generates a massive air pressure through the air nuzzle to launch the pellet popularly called BBs. These BBs are made of plastics or biodegradable resin materials. However, the electric gun’s realistic imitation of real firearms makes it unique.

The electric gun is designed with a realistic look-alike casing that resembles real automatic weapons, especially with its metal body. For this reason, airsoft game players enjoy using it because it gives them that relatable feeling of acting like a real officer during play. While security agencies take it as a replica of the standard weapons they use during training.

Nearly every well-known assault rifle or submachine gun in the world has an AEG counterpart available. Yet, even with all this, manufacturers of AEG guns are still more focused on improving the designs to make them more realistic. It is akin to playing war games, the more real, the better.

Another reason the electric gun is the player’s favourite is that people like to use it because they can get off round after round without stopping to pump their rifles. So what are the pros of the electric gun compared to other airsoft guns?


Generally, the AEG is preferred to other airsoft guns due to its similarity to real weapons. But there are more reasons for it being the best seller in the market. One of which is they are cost-effective since they use rechargeable batteries. Compared to gas guns that require a constant flow of gas. This means you must keep purchasing gas to continue playing your game. Also, the AEG has a large BB capacity. Subsequently, you can choose from different types of AEG available in the market.


Typically there are majorly four types of AEG available in the market. They are mini electric guns, Automatic Electric pistols (AEPs), Medium Powered Guns (MPEs), and Low Powered Electric Guns (LPEGs)

  • Mini Electric Guns: These electric guns work only in the automatic mode.
  • Automatic Electric Pistols: These are battery-powered pistols that can shoot in full auto or semi. They have a shooting range of 180 fps.
  • Medium-powered Electric Guns ( MPEs): They have a similar form and function as regular AEG, with little power.
  • Low-powered Electric Guns (LPEGs): They are identical to the standard AEG and perform with less power.

You need to know about the common types of AEGs you can find on the field. The AEG models range from miniguns to simple pistols to a rocket-propeller. Although the standard rifles are the AR-15 (replica of an M16 rifle, M4 carbine), the Kalashnikov series is known as the AK, while the final type is the H&K MP5 series.

However, new guns have recently become increasingly popular in the market, such as the FN P90, H&K G36, and the H&K MP7. These firearms have their parts also commonly available for repair and modification of these rifles.

However, if you are stuck, then the go-to AEG must be one of the Bulldog Airsoft ST Sportline AEG Guns, low cost and with great performance.

So when you are ready to purchase your airsoft gun check out the automatic electric guns. If you haven’t tried them before, you’ll love them. If you need an airsoft gun that will suit you. Buy a full auto AEG if you like to pull the trigger and hold it for a minute.

What is an AEG and Why You Should Get One


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