What Do You Need to Start Playing Airsoft? Part Two

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What Do You Need to Start Playing Airsoft? Part Two
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In our last blog we took the stance of introducing new players to airsoft and what they might need to get into our high-octane, adrenalin pumping sport. If you’ve made it back to us, the chances are by this point you’re hooked! So, with that in mind, what do you need to take your airsoft game to the next level? So, you’ve got a few airsoft guns, and a whole heap of magazines, and the essentials when it comes to clothing, but what are the next steps? You’re going to want some extras and some tactical equipment – and eventually you’ll have so much of it that you’ll need a spare bedroom to store it all in!


You’ve likely played around enough with your airsoft gun now that you want something a little different. While you could just pick up another airsoft gun, why not take a look at a pistol instead? Doing so means you’ll be able to make use of both during the same game, and there’s nothing better than being in a situation where you’re switching between your AEG and your sidearm – think of when Shughart and Gordon were dropped into Somalia to protect a Blackhawk in Black Hawk Down!

With airsoft pistols you have three main choices – gas, spring and C02. Each has its pros and cons, with each performing best in certain situations. Again, we’d suggest taking a look at what you like the look of and then checking reviews on reputable sources. You’ll find a number of YouTube channels that do this, or you can take a look at Airsoft International for some real in-depth breakdowns!


As you’ve picked up a pistol, having a holster will be imperative to ensure you don’t lose it while on the skirmish field. Too many times we’ve heard stories of people buying a new pistol to lose it the first time they’ve taken it to a game because they’ve just tried storing it in a pocket. However, to make use of a holster, you’re going to need a belt. When it comes to your first belt, we’d honestly suggest just picking up a Riggers Belt – this will be sturdy enough to support a holster but not too expensive. When it comes to holsters you’ve got a number of options available, so take a look at our full range of pistol holsters here!


Now you’ve got a heap of magazines, you’re going to want a way to carry them around. You’ve tried dumping them in the large pockets of your trousers, but you find they either rattle too much or end up falling out, but what do you need? Well you’re going to want either a plate carrier or a chest rig.

With a plate carrier, you’ll find that the options are endless, with a number of options on the market. Again, think back to when you bought your airsoft gun – was there a specific film or game character you wanted to imitate? If so, follow that lead. If you just bought something because you liked the look of it, follow that lead again, and invest in something you like the look of. One issue with plate carriers is they can be costly as you’ll need to buy a number of pouches to attach to them, but at this point, you likely know you’re in it for the long haul. On top of that, you don’t necessarily have to buy it all in one go – budget for it, and buy things in stages!

Chest rigs are a little different as a lot of them come ready loaded with pouches, making it a little cheaper to make the jump. Once again you’ll find a lot of different options here, so shop around and see what you find. Something to bear in mind is while a lot of chest rigs are ready loaded with pouches, not all pouches will fit the same airsoft magazines. With that in mind make sure you’re not buying something for an MP5 that’s designed for an AK47!


The options really are endless when it comes to airsoft purchases, and we don’t want to waste your time by listing every eventually and the reasoning behind it. From slings to scopes, patches to protective knee-pads, there is a bottomless pit of airsoft accessories you could pick up to enhance your airsoft experience. Once the airsoft bug has bitten, it really is a rough one to shake, and as we mentioned earlier, you’ll end up with so much equipment that you’ll find it in the garage, the spare bedroom and every other room in your house! But remember, the gear doesn’t make the player, and the most important thing is to have fun!

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