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WE Europe’s outstanding big bird and little bird gas airsoft pistols are available from Just BB Guns and have proven to be popular out of all of our airsoft guns. A reason for their popularity could be that their styling is based on the famous modern M&P handguns from Smith and Wesson. M&P stands for Military and Police, a simple name detailing the pistol’s intended and most popular uses. The M&P originated from the Smith and Wesson Sigma and offers a number of significant improvements to the previous Sigma handgun. The M&P was introduced in 2005 making it a reasonably modern handgun, like many modern handguns the M&P features a strong polymer-based frame.

The ‘Bird’ airsoft pistols from WE Europe offers a number of interesting features that sets them apart from some other airsoft pistols on the market. Much like the real Smith and Wesson M&P handgun, WE Europe’s big and little bird gas airsoft pistol range has a big focus on ergonomics and how good the pistol is to hold. All pistols in WE Europe’s Bird airsoft pistols include a number of interchangeable ergonomic groups so you can tailor your pistol to suit you as an individual. These airsoft pistols offer absolutely fantastic build quality, featuring a strong heavyweight slide with a lightweight but durable polymer frame (much like the real M&P handgun). The heavy alloy slide gives these gas pistols a strong but controlled recoil kick which can really make shooting these airsoft pistols more exciting. The WE Europe airsoft M&Ps are similar in a number of other ways to the real handgun, such as the front underside rail. This tactical rail is extremely useful for mounting a number of accessories to your airsoft pistol, such as torches useful for indoor CQB. The big and little bird M&P gas airsoft pistols are available from Just BB Guns. The big bird is a standard size M&P whereas the little bird is a more compact version.

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