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Imagine that you are on a rainy, dark, urban airsoft field. you have your long hair soaked to the scalp, and you find yourself in one of your darkest suits. your dog is on its way back to the safe zone after calling a hit from the enemy team, also dressed all in black and also very wet from the persistent rain. you need something to defend yourself with; thankfully, you are a trained assassin and also, you are in possession of the src baba yaga and kimimora. game on!

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The hi-capa series of pistols has been becoming cooler and cooler over the past few years, and the baba yaga is just the next step in this evolution. designed and built by src, it is designed and built to bring the best look, feel and flavour of the big screen equivalent.


The Baba Yaga Airsoft Pistol from Krown Land comes in a really nicely presented box with some decent foam packaging on the inside. Upon lifting the lid, you are presented with the usual instructions, however, there is also a great exploded diagram with all the parts named and numbered. This is great because you can easily see how the pistol mechanically works and find the part if one happens to break. Removing this though leads to the main event! Inside the foam, you will find the pistol and the magazine. That’s it. No bells, no whistles, just the action and the means to do it.


What a pistol it is too! The first thing that stands out to me is the matt black finish across the whole pistol. It is crisp and really matches the aesthetics of the whole weapon. Picking the pistol up out of the box, it is very obvious that this is a quality made product as there are no imperfections to be seen and nothing rattles. It is a solid piece of workmanship. Starting with the top and working down, the iron sights have fibre optic tubes giving a fantastic clear three-dot aiming sight. These sights can actually be adjusted as well using a flat-headed screwdriver which is a very interesting touch. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be an easy way to swap these sights out for a red dot or something similar. The slide itself is covered with large grooves along the body as well as a couple of cutouts on either side. It really gives it that menacing look that we all adore from the films. Then, of course, there is the barrel! The outer barrel is lined in a copper finish which can be seen through the chamber and the cutouts on the slide itself. They are a fantastic finish to the pistol and really an eye-catching trait. It’s clear that you don’t even need to be holding the pistol for people to notice it. Just leave it on the side in the safe zone, and players will be coming up asking what it is! On the receiver under the barrel is the standard Picatinny rail. More than enough room on here for any accessories you may want to add to this. Working further back there is a skeletonised trigger, which is surprisingly comfortable. Most of the other pistols that I have tested over the years with these skeletonised triggers usually have them in an unusual place or are usually assembled, allowing a great deal of sideways movement. This, on the other hand, is well built and at the perfect sweet spot for me. The trigger reset pull is tiny, and with this being a double-action pistol, you can send rounds down range at an incredibly quick rate. The usual controls are in the usual place for a 1911 style pistol. They all feel great; especially the safety catches which click into place firmly. I like how these have no middle ground and no movement when they are set. It really brings your confidence level up with the safety of the pistol.

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Finally, you get to the grip, which is finished in the beautiful dragon scale style pattern. The stippling goes all the way around the grip allowing you to have a confident grip regardless of where you are holding the weapon. The shape of the grip is pretty standard, but it doesn’t feel uncomfortable in any way. I’ve always been a fan of the hi-cap over the normal 1911 due to the larger grip, yet this doesn’t feel bulky in any shape or form. Even the beavertail safety, which usually sticks out quite far, doesn’t feel uncomfortable in the slightest. Given that the main character of the film in which this pistol is featured likes to show his reloads, the fluted magwell really helps you to reproduce some of those moves! The one thing that this pistol doesn’t have is trademarks. There isn’t a single logo or piece of writing anywhere to be found. I know that this may annoy people, but to me, I don’t really mind. In some ways, it adds a piece of mystery to the pistol and its background. There are two options with the Baba Yaga; a green gas magazine or a CO2 magazine. Both of these are 28 rounds, and both are full metal constructions with a plastic baseplate. As you can imagine, both of them have their pros and their cons. The base plate can be removed by depressing a small tab on the bottom before sliding it off to the side. A handy little trick SRC has put on these is another point that the plate can clip to just before it comes completely off. I like little bits like this on weapons, given the years of searching around for parts that have gone flying off. Internally everything continues to be of very high quality. The components fit well and it is a breeze to alter the hop-up. SRC seem to have gone down the route of plastering the pistol with as much lubrication as possible, so a little time is needed before shooting just to clean things up, but at the end of the day, this isn’t too much of a big deal. I’d much rather have too much lubrication than too little.


Once again, it is down to the range for the power tests. In the usual format, I use .20g BBs and Green Gas to start with. The Baba Yaga clocked in at an impressive 336fps to start with that didn’t really drop until the last few rounds of the magazine. Now I must add that it has been fairly warm over the last few days, and I have got a feeling that this may have added a bit of kick to the green gas, but I was really impressed with the consistency. The CO2 on the other hand was off the chart. In exactly the same way I trialled it with .20g BBs. This came in at a beastly 367 fps on the first couple of shots before dropping to a steady 340fps. Now two things, once again it’s been warmer than usual, and secondly, this was with a brand new fresh bulb in the magazine. Either way, it’s amazing, but maybe a little concerning how far over the usual limits it was able to get. The feel for the pistol is the next key thing I want to bring up. This thing rocks your world when you fire it! Especially when using Green Gas. The kick is sensational! I couldn’t get over immediately how much power goes through the slide and how much recoil you have to adjust for. Like I mentioned before, the trigger pull is so short you can rattle off round after round in very close succession, however, say goodbye to decent accuracy as this thing weighs so much. Resetting your sights is more of a challenge than you think. Don’t get me wrong; this may sound like a bad thing, however, it is actually amazing fun! The range is actually fairly good, too, with a 15cm target being easy pickings at 15 meters; beyond that, expect 30 meters to be your effective limit. I can imagine that with some tweaking, you can get further, but straight out of the box, I have no complaints. Now being a Hi-Capa series of pistols, there is a massive range of aftermarket parts and products available for choice.

I trialled a few holsters and found that the Baba Yaga fit most. The only ones that gave me some issues were those with a fine tolerance on the top of the slide. Those sights are raised slightly higher than normal and also appear to be slightly wider. That being said, nearly every single soft holster that I chose fit nice and snugly; it is the hard one where you may have to check in advance. On the field, things were steady as normal, with performance being excellent. I chose to use the green gas magazine for my gameday just due to the FPS issue. One thing that really did impress me was the solid build of the pistol. It never once felt like you had to struggle with it or that you had to treat it with an extra element of care. It was quite happy to be drawn and fired in anger. The stippled grip was also super impressive, and the controls were great even with gloves on. I absolutely loved playing with this on the field! Like I mentioned at the start, I have two models of SRC hi-capas in front of me. There are actually two models available; the Baba Yaga and the Kimimora. Essentially these are the same pistol. They share the same frame and internals as each other. They both have the same 6.05mm inner barrel. They both come with the option of green gas or CO2 magazines. The main difference is the aesthetics.

Whereas the Baba Yaga has a copper-finished outer barrel, the Kimimora has a matt black barrel and features a 14mm counter-clockwise thread. This also means it comes with a very basic thread cover at the tip, but I think it kind of adds to the look of the whole package. The Kimimora has slightly different grips as well with a very fine diamond pattern instead of the dragon scale-like on the Baba Yaga. It also displays the SRC logo on it in the centre of the grips. To which one I would choose is completely up to personal preference. They are pretty much identical weapons and even whilst test-firing them, it was clear that they performed the same. If I had to choose, I would have to go with the Baba Yaga simply due to that copper outer barrel. The look of this version is something a little special, and it really does catch the eye. That being said the Kimimora has the darker edge to it and I certainly would not say no to it if one was ever handed to me. It is rare to come across such a well built, full metal pistols on the Airsoft market these days. SRC have shown that they really can build a fantastic replica of a well known iconic hi-capa. The Baba Yaga isn’t going to break your budget either with the pistol coming in at around £130, which I think is fair value for money. The key thing for me was the recoil and controllability. It really sits right in your hands, and I absolutely adored having a skirmish with it. Even if you are not a super-secret assassin, you will surely be able to get some fantastic skirmishing with this pistol. It gets the top marks from me!


  • Highly detailed CNC machined aluminium slide
  • CNC machined aluminium frame with moulded reinforced polymer grips
  • Moulded Stippling provide a comfortable, slip-resistant grip
  • CNC precision barrel
  • Professional slide lightening cuts help the slide cycle faster
  • Flared mag well aids in quick reloads
  • Target style sights w/fibre optic front
  • Extended magazine release
  • Reinforced nozzle, suitable for Gas, CO2 and HPA
  • Threaded for compensator and silencer

Take a look at the full range of SRC Kimba and Baba Yaga airsoft pistols here on our Krwon Land Airsoft Pistols page.


As featured in Airsoft International Magazine


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